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Psychotherapy for Adults

Changes in our life can occur even when we do not want them to or do not feel ready. Sometimes we experience increased stress, depression, and anxiety based on a variety of factors – trauma, childhood experiences, transitions, loss, difficulties in relationships, or work/life balance. Therapy can help build confidence, learn new skills to cope with challenges, increase quality of relationships and connection with others, and make meaning out of difficulties. You don’t have to go through it alone!

Sometimes people come to therapy after a long time of wondering why things are not getting better or going away and sometimes our support systems are not able to help us through difficult times. I work to support you in becoming less stuck, feeling seen and heard, and help you make changes that aid you in growth to move more comfortably in the world.

 Relationships can also be difficult to navigate and may be a source of stress. Perhaps you are struggling to communicate with your partner or family member, wanting to feel more appreciated or loved, or maybe you feel stuck in a particular conflict. Therapy can help reduce distress and conflict, increase understanding of another perspective, improve communication, and improve access to support/connection throughout your family system.

Coaching for Family Members of Those in Eating Disorder Recovery

Support and guidance for family members of people working through recovery from an eating disorder.


We work together in exploring how to best support your loved one, examining beliefs that may be keeping you and/or your family stuck, and increasing trust between those in your family system.